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Automotive Electronics Measurement Solution

1.Electrostatic Discharge Test

EMS61000-2A_Electrostatic Discharge Generator30kV

EMS61000-2A ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE GENERATOR is a reliable instrument specially designed according to the requirements of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) measurement. The IEC mode, HBM mode(optional) and MM mode(optional) tests can be carried out conveniently by replacing the discharge module.Its performance conforms to the latest IEC 61000-4-2,  EN61000-4-2 and Chinese standard GB/T17626.2. It is suitable for the ESD test of different types of semiconductor devices, electronic circuits and electronic devices.

2. AET7000 Automotive Immunity Test system

ET7000 Automotive Immunity Test system

The electromagnetic disturbance generated during the normal operation of the vehicle enters the power line and signal line of the on-board electronic equipment through conduction and coupling, causing its function to be reduced, short-term failure or even permanent damage. AET7000 automotive immunity test system simulates various typical electromagnetic disturbances generated during the normal operation of the vehicle, and at the same time, it can simulate the changes of the vehicle power supply under the state of vehicle startup, switching electronic devices and battery charging and discharging. The system supports 12V/24V/42V/48V system testing, built-in standard test procedures and many car company standards, supports waveform editing, and can collect vehicle operating condition waveform for reproduction.