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Mobile Phone&PAD Measurement Solution

Solution introduction:

Mainly contains:Mobile phone/PAD optical characteristics test, response time and flicker (FLICK) test, GAMMA test, blue light hazard test, mobile phone flash test, camera sensor calibration, ambient light contrast and reflectivity Testing, haze transmittance and reflectivity testing of materials, meet the requirements of relevant international and domestic standards for mobile phones/tablets.

Optical characteristics test of mobile phone/PAD (LAB GRADE)
Main Test Functions:

Measure the luminance and chromaticity uniformity, contrast, color gamut coverage, viewing angle, response time, flicker and other conventional optical characteristics of LCD modules and backlights under 15 inches such as mobile phone/PAD.

Simulated ambient light contrast test, reflectance curve test, diffuse reflectance curve test, viewing angle characteristics under a fixed temperature condition, chromaticity parameters and color gamut area under ambient light, contrast/color gamut changes under different ambient light and other parameters.

Parameters such as luminance and chromaticity under different low temperature and high temperature conditions, viewing angle characteristics under a certain temperature condition, and ambient light contrast under high temperature conditions. Meet the requirements of IDMS, SAE, IEC, ISO and other relevant standards.

DMS-1500 Optical property test system for FPD 

For detailed configuration, please consult Everfine customer center.

Image Spectral Radiance Luminance Meter

Main functions: measure the luminance, luminance uniformity, chromaticity coordinates, color temperature, chromaticity uniformity and other parameters of mobile phones/PADs. One sample is equivalent to millions of micro-radiometers working at the same time.

CX SIRES mage Spectral Radiance Luminance Meter

For detailed configuration, please consult Everfine customer center.

Spectral Radiance Luminance Meter

Main functions: measure the radiance, luminance, relative spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, etc. of mobile phones/PADs.

Flicker and GAMMA test for Mobile phone/PAD

Main functions: It can measure the GAMMA value of mobile phones/PADs, evaluate the GAMMA grayscale characteristics of mobile phones/tablets, and GAMMA correction.

Mobile phone flash optical characteristics test
Main functions: The system is mainly used to measure the 9 channels of mobile phone flash, record the flash characteristic curve of fast changing flash synchronously, analyze the uniformity of luminosity distribution, and flash index, flash duration, exposure, color coordinates, color temperature, color rendering index, Relative spectral power distribution and other functions.