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Measurement instruments for Phosphor and Luminophor

System introduction:

EVERFINE provides professional test instruments for phosphor and luminophor, mainly including white light LED lamp with yellow fluorescent powder, Trichromatic phosphor fluorescent powder relative luminance test, white light LED lamp with yellow phosphor, three basic color phosphor comprehensive performance analysis system, phosphor excitation spectrum and thermal quenching performance analysis test system.

1. Relative luminance test for white light LED lamp with yellow fluorescent powder, three basic color fluorescent powder

Main functions: relative luminance test of fluorescent powder and phosphor, and the excitation wavelength is optional according to the actual needs.

2. Comprehensive performance analysis system for yellow phosphor and trichromatic phosphor

Main functions: it is used to measure the photochromatic parameters of the relative spectral power distribution color coordinate, relative color temperature, color display index, color tolerance, peak wavelength, half width of spectrum, main wavelength, red ratio, color purity, relative luminance  of yellow fluorescent powder of LED and Trichromatic phosphor phosphor. It fully meets the requirements of CIE related standard and technical report.

The system adopts a unique and innovative design, which can simulate the actual light-emitting principle of white LEDs, use 460nm blue light as the excitation source, and effectively remove the interference of blue light reflection spectrum in the phosphor emission spectrum. It can be used with spectrometers and special software to achieve LED yellow YAG. Full True Spectrum Analysis and Color Measurement of Phosphor.

3. Exciting spectra and thermal quenching analyzer for phosphor

Main functions: The EX-1000 exciting spectra and thermal quenching analyzer can realize the measurement of excitation and eniiting spectrum property of phosphor, this property is benefit for the choosing of exciting source or improving the phosphor itself to achieve high conversion efficiency, and it can also measure the luminescent property of phosphor in their real work state(high temperature environment).

EX-1000 is a comprehensive measuring instrument for phosphor, which can provide comprehensive and objective measurement data for the development and quality control of rare earth three - color phosphor and white light LED lamp with rare earth yellow phosphor powder. 

4. Long after glow phosphor optical test system

Main functions: designed according to the related German standards and the China national standards ,The CY-1000 long afterglow phosphor optical test system is applied to measure and analyze the luminous brightness, chromaticity properties, and their variations of afterglow phosphor.