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Traditional light source test

System introduction:

EVERFINE provides professional traditional light source test solutions, mainly including the luminosity, chromaticity and electricity test system of the energy saving lamps, ring fluorescent lamps, direct tube fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, mercury lamps, sodium lamps, cold cathode fluorescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, incandescent lamps, electric beads, mini bubbles and so on, and the starting / rising time test system, TLA test system, optical radiation safety testing system (IEC62471 test) and so on.

1. A comprehensive performance testing system for luminosity, chromacticity and electricity parameters

Main functions: It is used for the analysis of the luminosity, chromaticity and electricity parameters of the traditional light source. The test items include relative spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, color temperature, color index, color tolerance, peak wavelength, main wavelength, average wavelength, color purity, color ratio, half width, luminous flux, luminous radiation power, voltage, current, power, power factors, harmonics and so on. It meets the requirements of CIE standard for light and color measurement, the test process is completely controlled by the computer, which makes operation more convenient. The report can be exported in both Chinese and English. 


 PCE series of the comprehensive performance testing system for luminosity, chromacticity and electricity

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 Main functions: designed according to the European directive 1194/2012, 2009/125/EC and international standard IEC60969 "Self-ballasted Lamps for General Lighting Services - Performance Requirements" and other designs, it is specially used for the starting time and run-up time measurement of all kinds of light sources such as LED lamps, luminaires, energy saving lamps and so on. 


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3.TLA test system

Main functions: equipped with fast photometric probe, it can capture the light output waveform of transient light source, and achieve 8 orders of magnitude dynamic range. It is suitable for the measurement of various dimming levels. Combined with the latest standards and technical specifications, it can provide the comprehensive TLA evaluating parameters and  distinguish the safety grade automatically according to the correspinding standard. The measurable parameters include: time domain and frequency domain analysis of light output, fundamental frequency, percent flicker,  flash index (FI), modulation depth (MD) and so on. 

LFA-3000 Light flickering analyzer

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4.optical radiation safety test system

Main functions: It is used for the measurement spectrum distribution, spectral radiance, spectral irradiance, illumination, weighted radiation exposure, ultraviolet radiation ratio (mW/klm), apparent light source size, color temperature, color coordinates, color rendering index, color tolerance and other parameters. It is suitable for LED package, LED module, LED engine, LED lamp, LED luminaire, energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, HID lamp, halogen lamp, special light source (such as automobile, medical treatment, beauty and so on).

For UVC, it can detect the ultraviolet radiation ratio down to T 0.001 mW/klm. It fully meets the standards of IEC/EN 62471/CIE S009, IEC/TR 62778, GB/T 20145, GB/T 30117.2, IEC/EN 60598 Annex P, IEC/EN 60432 : Incandescent Lamp UV radiationGB7000.1IEC/EN 60335-2-27 IEC 60335-2-59 :clause 322005/32/EC.

 OST series of test system for optical radiation safety  

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