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LED Modules & Luminaires Test

System Introduction:

EVERFINE provides professional testing equipments for LED modules, lamps and luminaires, mainly including: color and electricity comprehensive performance testing system, lighting distribution performance testing system, Accelerated aging test and life test system, Optical radiation safety test system (IEC62471) , zero voltage open light starting / rising time measurement system, light source stroboscopic test system, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test system, environment and safety test equipment, on-line test system, etc.

1. The comprehensive performance test of LED module and luminaires

Main functions: Measuring the relative spectral power distribution of LED module, color coordinate, color temperature, color rendering index, color tolerance, peak wavelength, main wavelength, average wavelength, color purity, color ratio, half width, luminous flux, light radiation power, voltage, current, power, power factor, harmonic and so on.  It meets the CIE requirements for light and color measurement.


PCE series of light,color and electricity comprehensive test system

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2. LED modules, lamps and luminaires lighting distribution performance test 

Main functions: It is used for the measurement of total luminous flux, spatial light intensity distribution curve (light distribution curve), luminous intensity data, beam angle, equal intensity map, luminous intensity map, utilization coefficient, luminance limit curve, glare grade, effective average illuminance with high accuracy. It is suitable for the LED module, LED luminaires and other light sources and lamps;

The spatial color distribution, average color characteristics and spatial color uniformity of various light sources and luminaries can be measured.

Measurement and control software that meets the requirements of international standards: the test results can be exported directly in international standard format files such as IESNA (952001), EULUMDAT, CIBSE (TM14), CIE and so on. 


GO series of performance test systems   

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3. Accelerated aging test and life test for LED modules and luminaires 

Main functions: It can realize conventional aging of LED array, accelerated aging, luminous flux maintenance characteristics test, color drift test and life test with the functions of LED life calculation and prediction for LED lamp and luminaires, LED modules. it features real-time on-line automatic test and can obtain the function of color and electric parameters with temperature.

It fully meets international and domestic standards such as IESNA LM-82-12, IESNA LM-82-14, IES TM-2/8-14, ENERGY STAR. 


 LT series aging-life test system for LED luminaires

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4. Optical radiation safety test for LED modules and luminaires (IEC62471 test)

Main functions: It is mainly used  for the optical radiation safety measurement for LED single package, LED modules, LED lamps, LED luminaires, energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, HID lamp. The test items mainly include photochemical UV hazard of skin and eyes, near ultraviolet hazard of eyes, retinal blue light hazard, retinal heat hazard and other radiation hazards test, and evaluate the safety grade of light radiation according to the corresponding standard.

It fully meets the standard requirements of IEC/EN 62471/CIE S009, IEC/TR 62778, GB/T 20145, IEC/EN 60598, IEC/EN 60335, GB/T30117, GB7000.1, 2009/125/EC EU directive and so on.


OST series of safety measurement system for light radiation

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5Light source flickering analyzer test system

Main functions: according to the latest standard and technical specification, it can provide the comprehensive TLA evaluating parameters, and can automatically determine the safety grade according to the corresponding standard. the measurement parameters include the time and frequency analysis of light output, basic frequency, percentage flicker (PF), flick index (FI), modulation depth (MD), modulation percentage (conforming to CEC regulation), Pst (conforming to IEC standard), Mp (conforming to ASSIST recommendation), SVM (in accordance with CIE TN006-2016). 


LFA-3000 test system for scintillation characteristics

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6. START-1000 Source start up time test system

Main functions: designed according to the European directive 1194/2012, 2009/125/EC and international standard IEC60969 ,it is specially used for the starting time and run-up time measurement of all kinds of LED light sources, luminaires.


START-1000 Source start up time test system

7. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test

Main functions: According to the requirements of IEC and LED standards, it is used for EMC test of  LED drive power, LED, LED modules, LED luminaires The test items include electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical fast transient immunity, surge  immunity(SURGE), DIP, ringing wave immunity and so on.  


EMS series of immunity generator 

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8. Environmental and safety test equipment

Main functions: It is used for temperature rise test on LED modules and luminaires, the related performance change at high and low temperature, salt fog corrosion resistance, rain proof performance, dust proof performance and antiflaming Performance of materials.


 YF series of environmental and safety test equipment

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9.Online testing system

Main functions: LAT series LED lamp automatic test production line is used for quality control of production line of indoor, outdoor lamps and luminaires. It can realize automatic high efficiency aging of products and 100% on-line high accuracy test of phtometric, colorimetric and electric parameters,and it can effectively identify the early failure of the product and classify the test results automatically.

The MAT series LED module automatic test systems are suitable for the the color consistency of various types of LED module, light source board, LED light strip, LED guide strip, atmosphere lamp and so on, and according to the test results it can do qualified judgement automatically. 




LAT series of LED lamp automatic aging test production line and MAT series of LED module automatic test system  

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