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TV measurement - Ambiant contrast ratio and reflectance test

DMS-1500H Ambient Contrast Ratio Test System

DMS-1500H Ambient Contrast Ratio Test System

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Measurement of optical properties of display under 15 inches such as smartphone, flat panel, navigation screen, LCD module under high and low  temperature, including luminance uniformity, contrast, color uniformity, color gamut, chromaticity parameters, viewing angle, response time, flicker, transmittance and other parameters.

Ambient contrast ratio measurement (simulated collimated source, variable-aperture source, integrating sphere source, hemispherical source, high and low temperature hemispherical source)

6D automatic rotation with black metal darkroom 

Meet the requirements of IDMS, SAE, IEC, ISO and other related standards

Software Interface:


Sample size: under 15.6 inch

Measurement distance: 500mm

Wavelength range: 380-780nm

Ambient contrast ratio test with the requirements of SAE, IDMS, IEC and ISO standards


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