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Smartphone and tablet measurement - 2D measurement instrument

CX-3 imaging luminance colorimeter

CX-3 imaging luminance colorimeter

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 CX-3 imaging luminance colorimeter can measure 2D luminance and chromaticity with high speed and high accuracy. It is mainly used to measure the luminance,chromaticity coordinates, luminance uniformity and color uniformity of the image. It can be widely used in the fields of lighting engineering, LED/LCD display and building landscape lighting etc.  

Powerful software:


1. High speed suits best for on-line test.

2. It can identify the target area automatically and  find inhomogeneity of luminance and chromaticity of the display easily with simulation color display interface.

The test results can be set the upper and lower limits, and chromaticity coordinates can be divided into BIN.

3. Set the luminance and color uniformity evaluation index of 9 points, 13 points, 25 points, 400 points and so on.

4. Test results can be generated lists and documents to export EXCEL and PDF format.