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Measurement solution of color for foods such as beer, wort, and oil



Liquid foods, such as oil, beer, juice, soda and tea, are important parts of daily life, and the quality of these foods can usually be judged by their color . There are also different color evaluation standards in different liquid industries to determine whether the liquid food is qualified or classified.

Taking beer as an example, the color level of beer is an important factor to distinguish beer category. The color of beer is different, mainly due to the different color of wort. Therefore, in the actual R & D production, the quality and type of beer are often determined by the color of wort.

2. Measurement solutions

EVERFINE’s high accuracy color analyzers, such as HACA-3800, HACA-3650 and etc.,  adopt advanced spectral measurement technology and double-beam feedback optical system to provide high accuracy measurement of spectral reflectance, spectral transmittance and color parameters of object surfacewhich are the perfect solutions of best color matching of various materials and meet the measurement requirements of CIE and ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS,GB/T,etc. In addition, EVERFINE’s HACA-3800 and HACA-3650 have built-in large-capacity transmission chambers, and are equipped with a liquid-specific cuvettes to provide the perfect measurement of color for liquid samples.


HACA-3600 High Accuracy Color Analyzer 


HACA-3650 High Accuracy Color Analyzer