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Measurement solution of color for reflective materials such as road signs


The increasing prosperity of highway traffic has brought continuous pressure to traffic safety and management. Increasing traffic signs, improving road traffic facilities and various signs have always been more important aspects of traffic safety management. The reflective traffic signs can not only play a good warning role in the light of daylight conditions, but also provide bright reflective effects at night or in the case of insufficient natural light such as rain or fog weather. It can effectively enhance the recognition ability and cause the alarm, which is very important for reducing traffic accidents and ensuring  traffic safety and smoothness..

2.Measurement solutions

1. Reflective film material is one of the main materials of current traffic signs. With its excellent reflective performance, drivers can easily distinguish the information conveyed by the signs, so as to guide direction and provide safety warnings, which is specified in detail in GB/T 18833-2012, etc.


EVERFINE PSC-20 Spectrophotometer

2. The reflector is mainly passive reflector, which uses the pattern inside the reflector to "borrow light and reverse light" as the principle. The popular means is the reflector and the reflective pattern. The concrete principle is a parallel light illuminated through the air and transparent plastic sheet to the light returned by the refraction of the three prism. There are detailed rules of reflection in domestic laws and regulations, GB11564 regulations and traffic JT/T388, T390 road stud and other regulations.


EVERFINE RFM-200A Reflection field measuring meter

This is a test system designed for the luminous intensity coefficient or the inverse reflection coefficient of the road traffic signs and the reflector, which fully meets the standard requirements of ASTM, CIE, DIN and so on. Its photometric detector V (λ) has high matching accuracy, which provides protection for high accuracy. It integrates standard light source and reflex photometric measurement function, and is stable, reliable and small in size and light in weight.