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Measurement solution for LCD cover glass and film material



As smart phones, tablet PCs and other display terminal products continue to integrate into life, the technologies of these products are changing rapidly and advancing by leaps and bounds. As one of the key factors for consumers to choose display products,  display screens are leading the market with CPU, video cards and other hardware. In the field of processing technology of display cover glass and film material, the competition among manufacturers has become increasingly fierence.. Gloss, transmittance and haze are important indexes to measure the quality of cover glass materials. In order to ensure the quality of products, glossmeter, haze meter and color analyzer are widely used in this field.

2.Measurement solution

The anti-reflection effect of ordinary glass surfaces in the visible range can be achieved by two methods:

Method 1 - The interface effect produced by the film layers of different optical materials is used to eliminate the incident lightand the reflected light, so as to improve the transmittance, and the glass corresponding to this method is called an anti-reflection glass(AR glass), also known as increasing transmission glass.The parameters to be measured are generally include haze and transmittance.

Method 2 - A large amount of incident light is converted into diffuse light by using the scattering effect of rough surface, which does not bring about a significant change in transmittance, and the glass corresponding to this method is called an Anti-Glare glass (AG glass),also called non reflective glass. The parameters to be measured include gloss, haze and transmittance.

For measurement of glossiness, haze and transmittance, EVERFINE’s MUG-2,,HAM-300 and HACA-3800 are recommended.

MUG-2 Micro Uni-geometry Glossmeter is mainly used for measuring the gloss of material surface. The highly stable spectral response curve is strictly matched with the CIE V (λ) curve to achieve the measurement accuracy of standard level. MUG-2 is complied with DIN 67530, ISO 2813, ASTM D 523, BS 3900 Part D5 and JJG696 ,etc.



MUG-2 Micro Uni-geometry Glossmeter

HAM-300 High Accuracy Spectral Haze Meter is used to test and analyze transmittance , haze and color properties of materials under a specific light source with integrated design and simple operation: such as total transmittance, spectral transmittance curves, diffuse transmittance, parallel transmittance, haze, and color prparameters under A, C or D65, which meets the measurement requirements of different sizes of samples, according to ASTM D1003, GB/T 2410, ISO14782, JIS K7136, JC/T2130-2013, JIS K7105-81,etc.



HAM-300 High Accuracy Spectral Haze Meter

HACA-3800 High Accuracy Color Analyzer employs EVERFINE’s high accuracy & speed (patented) spectral measurement technologies to provide more accurate color, reflectance and transmittance measurement for various objects,  which is in compliance with international standards such as CIE, ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other national standards of GB/T. Moreover , the spectral range can be extended to 350~1000nm, so as to effectively measure the transmittance of blue light for cover glass, etc.

HACA-3800 High Accuracy Color Analyzer