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Goniophotometer -

LED626 Goniophotometer for LEDs

LED626 Goniophotometer for LEDs

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Photometric detector V (λ) matches the national standard level and is internationally advanced

Specially designed for the measurement of luminous intensity distribution, luminous intensity, beam angle, and electrical characteristics of LEDs,it can be widely used for quality inspection and laboratory measurement.

Designed according to CIE pub. No.127, LED626 can realize the measurement of luminous intensity distribution curve, luminous intensity, luminous flux, spread angel of light beam, In- IF, IF-VF, and electrical characteristics of LEDs.

It can be widely used for quality inspection and laboratory measurement.


● Luminous intensity range: 10mcd~200cd

● Photometric accuracy: Class 1

● C axis rotation automatic/manualrange0°~360°

● γ axis rotation automaticrange±10°~±90°optional

● Luminous flux range0lm~200lm

● Electrical parameter measurement

● Equipped with different radiance measurement probes to achieve infrared and ultraviolet LED radiation intensity measurement (optional)

● Curve function: three-dimensional light intensity / radiation intensity distribution curve (polar coordinates or rectangular coordinates)

   Voltage-light intensity / radiation intensity curve; photoelectric parameter test; light intensity / radiation intensity-time curve