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Goniophotometer -

LED620 Goniophotometer

LED620 Goniophotometer

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Specially designed for the measurement of luminous intensity distribution, luminous intensity, beam angle, and electrical characteristics of LEDs..It can be widely used for quality inspection and laboratory measurement.

Designed according to CIE pub. No.127, LED626 can realize the measurement of  luminous intensity distribution curve, luminous intensity, luminous flux, spread angel of light beam, In- IF, IF-VF, and electrical characteristics of LEDs. 


Ø Photometer head: CLASS 1, 1cm2 acceptance area

Ø Luminous intensity range: 10mcd~200cd

Ø Precise LED orientation and alignment design

Ø Automatic rotation of LEDs around vertical axis (γ)(automatic): ±10º ~ ±90º  

and horizontal axis (C)(manual): 0°360°

Ø Scanning interval of angle: 0.1°0.2°0.5°selectable

Ø Accuracy of angle: ±0.05º

Ø Luminous flux range:0lm-200lm

Ø Forward current IF: 1.000mA2000.0mA

Ø Forward voltage VF: 0.001V15.000V

Ø Reverse leakage current IR: 0.01μA100.00μA

Ø Reverse voltage VR: 0.01V10V  

Ø Accuracy of electrical parameters: ±0.2%F.S.

Ø Warm-up time: 0ms-9999ms

Ø Equip with different photometer head can realize infrared and UV radiation intensity(option)