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AR/VR display measuremnet - Optical property test of dashboard

SIRC-2000 Spectral image radiance colorimeter

SIRC-2000 Spectral image radiance colorimeter

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Patented dual CCD design is integrated with 2D luminance distribution and spectral analysis. 

SIRC-2000 spectral radiance colorimeter is a new generation of luminance meter. It adopts patented technologies to overcome the drawbacks of former ones, which can not only accurately analyze the 2D luminance image but also acquire the information of the spectrum and color of the aming points.

Principle scheme:

Patented dual CCD design to obtain the luminance and the information of the spectrum and color of the aiming points in the field of view.



 Revolution of luminance measurement: more functions&higher accuracy 

Image luminance meter: Convenient for uniformity analysis with limited accuracy 

Spot luminance meter: Although it has high accuracy, uniformity measurement can only be scanned point by point.

SIRC-2000 overcomes the above disadvantages by unique design, which uses spectrum to correct 2D luminance values. 


Rich parameters:

luminance, lumiannce uniformity, spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, CCT, CRI and others

Super wide range of measurement:

Luminance range: 0.1~1000000cd/m2,

CCT range: 1000K~100000K

Wavelength range: 380nm~1000nm


Alignment with digital image to obtain good reproducibility

Spot measurement without spectral mismatch error to obtain luminance and color accurately can be used to correct 2D luminance image.

Touch screen display is suitable for the measurement of laboratory and field.

Comprehensive software


SIRC-2000 is widely used in the measurement of road, landscape lighting, dashboard, backlight, FPD, touch screen display, projection display and etc. of luminance uniformity and relative color parameters.