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HIRC-3000 hyper spectral image radiance colorimeter

HIRC-3000 hyper spectral image radiance colorimeter

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Equivalent to over 8 million micro radiometers work simultaneously. 

The HIRC-3000 hyper spectral image radiance colorimeter is inspired by remote sensing technology in the aerospace field and adopts patented hyper spectral technology,and provide new measurement concept for spatial spectral, luminance and color distribution, which can also be called ‘universal luminance colorimeter’.. 



Main characteristics:

Rich data: Spectral radiance of each point can be measured by hyperspectral image radiance colorimeter to obtain comprehensive data such as luminance, chromaticity parameters, luminance&color uniformity. And then excellent performance is unmatched by any other luminance meter

Fig.13D hyperspectral image and the spectrum of each point

Fig.23D hyperspectral image and the radiance image in different wavelength

Easy operation: All parameters can be accurately obtained through one measurement. Using patent technology, it can realize hyper spectral without mechanical scanning, which makes stability and repeatability higher.

At the same time, powerful software enables all parameters to be automatically acquired.

High accuracy: Relative spectrum and color data of the small areas of the luminescent surface can be obtained, which can avoid the spectral mismatch of the traditional three stimulus colorimeter.

The measurement accuracy of luminance and color is very high, which is specially suitable for high accuracy luminance and color measurement of LED display, dashboard, FPD, OLED and other precise analysis occasions.