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LCD measurement - LED and LIGHT BAR test

MAT-200D LED Light bar automatic test system

MAT-200D LED Light bar automatic test system

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The automatic test system of LED light bar integrates power supply, optical-color test device, automation equipment and darkbox, which is used to test the optical-color parameters of each LED on LED light bar with high automation degree. 


Powerful software functions for analysis and measurement

Comprehensive measurement of optical-color-electronic parameters for each LED on light bar

Under constant current mode, the electrical characteristics of LED on light bar can be tested

Optical-color parameters such as relative luminous flux, CCT,  chromaticity coordinates and spectral power distribution of each LED can be measured.

For the single LED product, the threshold of relative luminance and chromaticity parameters can be set, and then the system will determine whether the product is qualified according to the threshold automatically.

The software identifies the maximum and minimum values of luminance on each light bar , and then mark them in different colors.

Identification and data management traceability (Optional)

By installing scan code function, the test data can correspond to each LED one by one to facilitate data tracing.