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Luminance Meter -

DCA-527 Display Color Analyzer

DCA-527 Display Color Analyzer

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Upgrade product of DCA-310, with better performance

Wide measuring dynamic circumference: 0.001-5000cd / m2

Fast measurement speed, meets the requirements of fast measurement in the production line

Much more convenient with integrated detector

Adapts high stability three-color photoelectric detection components with a spectral response curve that closely matches CIE1931, which can measure photometric and Chromaticity parameters point by point.

The test functions include:

Luminanceluminance contrast

Chromaticity coordinates(xy)(u‘v’)CCTTristimulus value XYZRGB characteristic analysis

UniformityMultiple detectors can also be configured as needed);

Flicker levelComparison method FMA, JEITA method);

Measurement and correction GAMMA curveNeed to provide communication protocol or Android mobile phone to download APP software to achieve

Main characteristics

1) No need for display screen, it can be directly connected to pad or computer use, easy to operate and convenient for production line use.

2) High measurement sensitivity , meets the accurate measurement of the low gray scale luminance and contrast of the display under the condition of the OLED screen and the low gray scale.

3) Fast sampling speed, reduce the red, green, blue, white, brown and other colors and multiple gray levels (0-255 any value) GAMMA automatic fast measurement time, improve the production line measurement efficiency.

4)High sampling speed, can be used to accurately measure the instantaneous characteristics of flicker(contrast method, JEITA method) (flicker sensor is optional).

                                                                                                                    Gray scale test

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(Ф27 General sensor specifications)

1) Luminance measurement range:0.001-5000cd/m2(display range:0.0001-5000cd/m2)

2) Luminance accuracy:≥±1.5%     

3) Luminance repeatability:≥0.1%     

4) Chromaticity Accuracy:≥±0.002

5) Vertical synchronous frequency:40 to 300Hz(Luminance or Chromaticity),40 to 150Hz(flicker)

6) Accuracy of flicker contrast method: ≥±1%(Flicker frequency30 Hz AC/DC 10% Sine wave)

7) Accuracy of flicker JEITA method:±0.35dB (Flicker frequency30Hz AC/DC 4%/1.2% Sine wave)