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Luminance Meter -

CX-800C Imaging Luminance Meter

CX-800C Imaging Luminance Meter

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                     One sampling to get color uniformity

            Ultra-low luminance measurement 0.0005cd/

High repeatability of luminance and chromaticity,excellent stability

             Powerful measurement and analysis software

CX-800C Imaging Luminance Meter can realize 2D luminance and color measurements with high speed and high accuracy, so that it can be widely applied to measurement luminance, chromaticity coordinates, luminance/color uniformity and image contrast of image. It has the advantages of good imaging quality, high precision, good stability, fast measurement speed, powerful software functions, easy operation, etc.


  ● Landscape lighting, street lighting, indoor lighting

  ● BacklightLCD displayLED displayOLED displaymicro LED display

  ● Heads up displayAR/VR Virtual display

  ● Vehicle-mounted displayProjection display and etc.

Main characteristics

1) Single and multiple exposure design, with wide dynamic range measurement mode

2) The lower limit of ultra-low luminance measurement is 0.0005cd / , it’s very suitable for the measurement of luminance uniformity and contrast uniformity under dark field or low gray scale conditions.

3) High-performance constant temperature refrigeration design, high repeatability of system measurement up to 0.05%, fully meets the test requirements of quality, research and development and laboratory.

4) Fast test speed to meet the requirements of fast test on the production line.

5) Professional analysis of multi-point uniformity,  luminance and chroma uniformity evaluation of 9 points, 13 points, 25 points, 400 points can be set.

6) Powerful software customized for different applications like lighting, LCD/OLED display, tiny light-emitting body display, virtual display, Vehicle-mounted display, etc. Users can choose different software according to their needs to achieve professional measurement.

Test interface

Backlight, mobile phone, PAD, OLED display, LED display

Measurement for automobile daytime running lights, atmosphere lights, instrument panel, glowing character

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● Luminance measurement range0.0005cd/m26000cd/m2600,000cd/m2

● Luminance measurement accuracyunder standard A source:±3%

● Chromaticity Accuracyunder standard A source):± 0.003

● Chromaticity  repeatability±0.0001

● Lens focal length56 mmstandard lens/8mm(Wide-angle lens)/Other customized lens according to order

● Measurement distance150mminfinitystandard lens/350mminfinity(Wide-angle lens)