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YF2402 Fluorescence Lamp Integrated High Frequency Standard Source

YF2402 Fluorescence Lamp Integrated High Frequency Standard Source

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YF2402 is a high-frequency pure-sine waveform standard source with adjustable output voltage and current. It adopts advanced micro-electronics technologies, and integrates inside the high-frequency source, intelligent high-frequency reference ballast, accurate measurement and LED display, and it has filament preheating (preheating time of 0.4s ~ 9.9s) function, very suitable for different series of fluorescent lamps.



 Current measurement range:30.0 mA600.0 mA

 Power source voltage measure range : 60 V600 V

 Lamp voltage measure range: 30.0V300.0 V

 Output  Voltage stability:better  than 0.1%reading/3mintes 

 Frequency range:20kHz100 kHz

 Maximum permission error:0.2%  Setting value

 Maximum output power:300VA

 Filament pre-heating current:0.1A1.0A software control(frequency synchronize with power)

 Filament pre-heating time:0.4S-9.9S software control(0S without preheating time).


YF2402 is an ideal power source for the quality control of fluorescent lamp, the best matching research of electronic ballast and finding the best working state of fluorescent lamp.