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Automotive Material Test -

BBMS-2000 Automotive Material BRDF/BTDF Measurement System

BBMS-2000 Automotive Material BRDF/BTDF Measurement System

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BBMS-2000 BRDF/BTDF Measurement System can comprehensively analyze the reflection and transmission characteristics of the material surface. The measurable parameters include bidirectional transmission distribution function(BTDF), bidirectional reflectance distribution function(BRDF), reflection ratio distribution, transmission ratio distribution, total integrated reflection (TIR) and total integrated scatter (TIS). It can be applied in many fields, such as automotive materials (windscreen, film, etc.) to characterize the optical appearance quantitatively. In addition, the BRDF/BTDF data can be imported to optical design software for further optical system simulation design.



BBMS - 2000.

Test type

In - plane/Out - of - plane BSDF

Test parameters

BRDF, BTDF, Reflection ratio, Transmission ratio, Total integrated reflectance(TIR), Total integrated scatter (TIS)

Light source

Laser,wavelength range covers VIS-IR range (can be customized)

Zenith Angle of light source

0 ° ~ 80 °

Azimuth of light source

0 ° ~ 360 °

Probe zenith Angle

- 85 ° ~ 85 °

Detector azimuth

0 ° ~ 180 °

Angular resolution

0.01 °

Angle repetition accuracy

0.1 °

Dynamic Range

> 108