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Automotive Material Test -

HAM-300 High Accuracy Spectral Haze Meter

HAM-300 High Accuracy Spectral Haze Meter

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HAM-300 is mainly applied to measure total transmittance, diffuse transmittance, haze, parallel transmittance, spectral transmittance and color parameters of automotive front windshield and side window glass transmittance test, etc.).It conforms to the requirements of ASTM D1003, GB/T 2410, ISO14782, JIS K7136, JC/T2130-2013, JIS K7105-81 and other standards.

Ø Main characteristics
●The high precision spectrometer with high quality grating and TE-cooled array CCD ensures high sensitivity and stability.

●Integrated design and simple operation;

●The built-in integral sphere uses the unique SPEKTRON coating of EVERFINE,more stable and longer life;.

●No spectral mismatch errors, it is specially suitable for high precision measurement of any color.

●Spectral measurement range: 380nm~780nm (can be customized).


1) Measurement function: spectral transmittance curve, total transmittance, diffuse transmittance, parallel transmittance, haze, color coordinate, color temperature, yellow index YI, etc

2) Measurement geometry: 0/d;

3) Measurement chamber volume: length ≤A4 paper size, thickness ≤150mm

4) Standard light source: CIE standard lighting A, C and D65 and custom light source.

5) Wavelength range: 380nm-780nm (400nm-700nm or 380nm-1000nm are available);

6) Wavelength accuracy: ±0.3nm; Wavelength repeatability: ±0.2nm

7) Transmittance measurement range: 0%-100.00%

8) Measurement repeatability: ≤0.1 unit, resolution: 0.01

9) Measurement reproducibility: ≤0.3 units,

10) Zero drift of fog: ≤0.1 unit (within 5 minutes after preheating).

11) Applicable sample range: length * width ≤A4 paper size, thickness ≤150mm.

12) Aperture: sample Φ 20 mm;

13) Overall dimensions (length × width × height) : about 356mm×340mm×624mm;