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Automotive Material Test -

MTG-2  Micro Tri-geometry Gloss Meter

MTG-2  Micro Tri-geometry Gloss Meter

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MTG-2 Micro Tri-geometry Gloss meter has three standard measurement angles of 20 °, 60 °, and 85 °. It has the advantages of small size, portable to carry, high accuracy and good stability which is very suitable for the measurement of gloss automotive metal (hub, etc.) automotive interior decoration (steering wheel, seat, etc.), automotive paint surface and other industries. It also meets with the requirement of relevant standards such as DIN 67530, ISO 2813, ASTM D 523, JIS Z8741, BS 3900 Part D5 and JJG696 etc. Also has a MUG-2 Micro Uni- geometry Gloss meter for alternative choice.

 Main characteristics

 Highly stable spectral response curve is strictly matched to CIE V (λ), guarantees standard-level measurement precision;

 Adopt high performance LED light source, with better spectrum matching and longer life;

 With upper and lower limit setting, test result can be automatically classified failed or not;

 LCD screen display and friendly user interface design to clearly display the gloss value;

 Automatic shut-down, saving energy, super long standby time.



National standard class

Measurement Angle

20 degrees, 60 degrees, 85 degrees

Measurement spot size

Gs (20°) : 10mm×10mm;

Gs (60°) : 9mm×15mm;

Gs (85°) : 5mm×38mm

Measurment range

Gs (20°) : 0.1-2000Gu;

Gs (60°) : 0.1-1000 GU;

Gs (85°) : 0.1-160 GU;

The resolution of GU

0.1-200 GU: 0.1Gu;

200-2000 GU: 1 GU

Measurement mode

Basic measurement, sample measurement, statistical measurement, continuous measurement mode

Zero error

0.1 GU

Measurement error

±1GU (0-100gu);

±1% reading (>100GU)


0.1-200 GU: ±0.2GU;

>200: ±0.2% reading;

Data transmission mode


The power supply

#5 battery * 2

Size (length × width × height)

160 * 52.5 * 90 mm(L*W*H)