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Automotive Material Test -

PSC-30  Spectrocolorimeter

PSC-30  Spectrocolorimeter

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The PSC-30 Spectrocolorimeter is a portable multifunctional color measurement device, the design according to CIE and GB standards. It adopts d/8 measurement geometry to realize the simultaneous measurement of SCI and SCE. Equipped with intelligent operating system, large color touch screen and built-in lithium battery, it can realize one touch operation and one-step reading and analysis.It’s suitable for on-site measurement and quality control as various materials because of the advantages with its easy operation, stable performance and high accuracy.such as license plates, car doors, tires, automotive steering wheels, automotive interiors, and metal supplies 

The main characteristics

  1. SCI and SCE test models are avaliable;
  2. Patented technology to monitor and compensate the fluctuation of light source to achieve higher accuracy;
  3. Large touch screen for easy check; 
  4. High precise positioning with assistant of built in camera;
  5. Large storage for data.;
  6. l Large storage for battery;
  7. USB and WIFI communication.



PSC - 30

Measuring geometric

D / 8

Light source

Full Spectral LED

Spectral range

400-700 nm

Standard observation angle

2 ° and 10 °

Measuring range


Color space

CIELabCh, CIELab, CIELCh, HunterLab, XYZ, CIELuv, CIE1960UCS, CIE1976UCS, yellowness index, light hue index, brightness factor, whiteness index

Color difference

CIELab, CIELch, CIELuv, CMC, CIE1994, CIE2000, HunterLab, Metamerism


< 0.03 Δ E * ab 1

inter-instrument agreement

AVG 0.2 Δ E * ab  2

Measurement aperture

Φ 11 mm

Communication interface



Adapter connector, USB cable, software,calibration black cylinder, calibration white plate and carry bag

1)The instrument is calibrated with a white board after preheating, and the white board is measured 30 times at 10s intervals

2)The average chromatic aberration of 12 color plates measured under remote laboratory conditions.