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Power Analyzer -

PF6000 Electrical Power Analyzer

PF6000 Electrical Power Analyzer

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PF6000 Electrical Power Analyzer is a kind of power analyzer which with high-performance appropriate for production, measurement, evaluation and scientific research, and also can offer assistance during the research and testing of electric vehicle, high speed railway, photovoltaic, wind electricity, electrical machine, transformer, fuel cell, lighting circuit, switching power supply and etc. to improve the efficiency of product research and production test.





Humanization Design, 10.1-inch

10.1 inch color LCD full touch interface, high pixel of 1280*800, it can easy operation platform with high-quality.

Multiple Date Display Modes

Multiple data display modes include numeric value, waveform and bar graph, and combination display.

Provide active power waveform display and efficiency waveform display of continuous sampling and updating in specified time.


Wide Bandwidth and High Stability

With 5MHz power bandwidth,it can satisfy the measurement of high speed switching signal. The high-speed measurement module uses sensors with high frequency and high stability to ensure the high frequency performance of current.It also has the automatic frequency response compensation technology.

FPGA Processor

Measurement units of power and motor equipped with FPGA and multi-channels synchronous clock control, improve signal sampling and data processing, ensure that all sampled data have no omission of real-time operation, and restore the authenticity of the signal.


Intelligent switching of sampling frequency

Intelligent switch the appropriate sampling frequency for signal sampling, by real-time monitoring and analyzing the measured signal

Cursor Measurement

Support to move the cursor to measure the value of the cursor point on the waveform

Save/Call/Playback Modes

Save or call measurement data and setting parameters by PC testing software.Supports playback of historical data and waveform on local or PC software,and  playback speed is adjustable

Communication Interface and PC Software

Provide communication interface includes USB, LAN, RS-232 and GP-IB

Provide special software which can fast test parameters configuration and datum & waveform acquisition, etc.




Input Element

Element1 ~ Element6optional,to be up to 8 channels

Measurement Range


CF3:15 / 30 / 60 / 100 / 150 / 300 / 600 / 1000 / 1500 [V]

CF6:7.5 / 15 / 30 / 50 / 75 / 150 / 300 / 500 / 750 [V]


(1)Direct input:

   ① 2A Element:

 CF3:5m / 10m / 20m / 50m / 100m / 200m / 500m / 1 / 2 [A]

 CF6:2.5m / 5m / 10m / 25m / 50m / 100m / 250m / 500m / 1 [A]

   ② 5A Element:

 CF3:10m / 20m / 50m / 100m / 200m / 500m / 1 / 2 / 5 [A]

 CF6:5m / 10m / 25m / 50m / 100m / 250m / 500m / 1 / 2.5 [A]

   ③ 20A Element:

 CF3:500m / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 [A]

 CF6:250m / 500m / 1 / 2.5 / 5 / 10 [A]

   ④ 30A Element:

 CF3:500m / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 30 [A]

 CF6:250m / 500m / 1 / 2.5 / 5 / 15 [A]

   ⑤ 50A Element:

 CF3:500m / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 50 [A]

 CF6:250m / 500m / 1 / 2.5 / 5 / 25 [A]

(2)External current sensor input:

 CF3:50m / 100m / 200m / 500m / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 [V]

 CF6:25m / 50m / 100m / 250m / 500 / 1 / 2.5 / 5 [V]

Sampling range


Range switch

Fixed/Auto range is optional can be set up for each element

Instantaneous maximum allowable input(≤1s)


Pick the minimum of 4.5Vpk and 3kVrms


Pick the minimum of 6Apk and 4Arms(2A element)

  Pick the minimum of 15Apk and 10Arms(5A element)

  Pick the minimum of 60Apk and 40Arms(20A element)

  Pick the minimum of 90Apk and 60Arms(30A element)

  Pick the minimum of 150Apk and 80Arms(50A element)

Continuous maximum allowable input value

Voltage:Pick the minimum of 3kVpk and 2kVrms;

If the frequency of input voltage over 100kHz,the value will be (1200-f)Vrms or less


Pick the minimum of 4Apk and 3Arms(2A element)

  Pick the minimum of 10Apk and 7Arms(5A element)

  Pick the minimum of 40Apk and 30Arms(20A element)

  Pick the minimum of 60Apk and 45Arms(30A element)

  Pick the minimum of 100Apk and 60Arms(50A element)


Linear Filter:OFF,500Hz,5.5kHz50kHz0.1kHz~100kHz step is0.1Hz.

Frequency Filter:OFFON

A/D Convertor

Resolution:16bit;Voltage and current convert together

Sampling rate


(2)The basic accuracy of measurement:




DC:  0.05%rdg+0.05%rng

0.1Hz≤f30Hz:  0.03%rdg+0.05%rng

30Hz≤f45Hz:      0.03%rdg+0.05%rng

45Hz≤f≤66Hz:      0.03%rdg+0.05%rng


voltagecurrent(2A/5A):  0.10%rdg+0.10%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):    0.20%rdg+0.10%rng


voltagecurrent(2A/5A):  0.15%rdg+0.10%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):    (0.10×f+0.20)%rdg+0.10%rng


voltagecurrent(2A/5A):  0.30%rdg+0.10%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):    (0.10×f+0.20)%rdg+0.10%rng


voltagecurrent(2A/5A):  0.60%rdg+0.20%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):    (0.10×f+0.20)%rdg+0.10%rng


voltagecurrent(2A/5A):   (0.006×f)%rdg+0.50%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):     (0.05×f+5.00)%rdg+0.50%rng


voltagecurrent(2A/5A):   (0.006×f)%rdg+0.50%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):     No accuracy specified


voltagecurrent(2A/5A):   (0.02×f–7)%rdg+1.00%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):     No accuracy specified

Active Power

DC:      0.05%rdg+0.05%rng

0.1Hz≤f30Hz:  0.08%rdg+0.10%rng

30Hz≤f45Hz:      0.08%rdg+0.10%rng

45Hz≤f≤66Hz:      0.03%rdg+0.05%rng

66Hzf≤1kHz:      0.20%rdg+0.10%rng


current(2A/5A):     0.30%rdg+0.10%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):  (0.10×f+0.20)%rdg+0.20%rng


current(2A/5A):              0.30%rdg+0.20%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):      (0.10×f+0.20)%rdg+0.20%rng


current(2A/5A):              0.70%rdg+0.30%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):      (0.30×f-9.50)%rdg+0.30%rng


current(2A/5A):             (0.008×f)%rdg+1.00%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):      (0.09×f+11.00)%rdg+1.00%rng


current(2A/5A):              (0.008×f)%rdg+1.00%rng

current(20A/30A/50A);       No accuracy specified


current(2A/5A):              (0.048×f–20)%rdg+2.00%rng

current(20A/30A/50A):       No accuracy specified

Measurement condition


Input Waveform:sine-wave;

Common mode: 0V;

Peak factor: 3;

Line filter: OFF;

Power factor:1;

After preheating;

After wiring, after zero level compensation or range change.

Additional error please check user’s manual.

Data updating rate



  Efficiency evaluation of inverter andmotor

The THD measurement is up to 500 times, two group PLL sources can measure two groups signals and work in 6 input channels. The inverter efficiency and motor conversion efficiency between electrical energy and mechanical energy can be precisely evaluated by measuring the input and output power and mechanical power


  EV charger and battery performance evaluation

The motor drive system is the core of the electric vehicle, which mainly includes the power battery, the frequency converter and the driving motor. The electric vehicle testing platform, which is built on the core of the PF power analyzer, can accurately evaluate the electric drive system of the electric vehicle.

  SMPS and UPS performance evaluation

SMPS and UPS are widely used and the power measurement accuracy of PF5000 is 0.03%, besides the bandwidth is 5MHz and there are abundant harmonic measurement functions which can not only precisely measure parameters including output voltage, current, power, harmonic and conversion efficiency, etc, butalso the standby power consumption of power supply.

  The measurement of photovoltaic and wind energy generating devices conversion efficiency

The DC electric power came from photovoltaic and wind energy can be converted to AC electric power by boost converter and DC/AC converter. There are 6 measurement channels of PF5000 which can measurement parameters of each converter like voltage, current, power, frequency both before and after the conversion and instantaneous peak value.


  The high accuracy measurement of power transformer

High accuracy measurement with low PF which satisfies the requirement of transformer load test and can precisely evaluate the loss as well as other parameters of transformer.


  The accuracy measurement of power transformer

Auto range function in integrating mode, and evaluate the power consumptions of domestic appliance under any running status. Wide input range of voltage/current, and support for power consumption measurement of high power one. One device with six measurement channels with which can be used in power evaluation pf domestic appliance production line.

  Power detection and analysis in Lighting appliance

Accuracy measurement of voltage, current, power and THD  of  LEDs.