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EVERFINE Test Gets Satisfactory Test Results


In March 2018, National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST) published the final report of Measurement assurance program ( referring to “NIST MAP2 PT” ). This program was launched by NIST, aimed to verifying the test ability of the global NVLAP test laboratories on all kinds of LED products. EVERFINE Test and Calibration Technology Co.,Ltd, Hangzhou (referred to EVERFINE Test) get satisfactory evaluation in this program and all the test samples have passed the verification.

The test result is evaluated in Z value, which is obtained by comparing the measured value of quantity with the reference value provided by NIST. The test report shows that EVERFINE Test get satisfactory results for all the test quantities on the test samples.
With advanced test instruments and perfect laboratory management system, EVERFINE Test has been accredited by NVLAP(500074-0)and CNAS(L5831)in 2012.  EVERFINE Test has been actively participating in various test and calibration programs or activities and the ability of optical radiation test and calibration is highly consistent with the international advanced technology level. Currently, EVERFINE Test can provide services of test and calibration in more fields and quantities, including photometry, electricity, thermal, lighting, EMC, safety, environmental reliability etc.. All the test quantities can be traceable to NIM and NIST.