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Measurement solution of gloss for paint, metal and ceramics

Gloss is the characteristic of an object itself, depending on the specular reflection flux of the surface, and its measurement is a process of evaluating the reflection propertry of the material under a set of specified geometry conditions. Gloss measurement is widely used in the paint, metal ceramics and other industries, and has remarkable significance for the quality and usability of products.

When an object is exposed to light, the reflection ability in a certain direction is different because of the different smooth level of object surface, and the reflection property for light in a certain direction is called gloss, which is often quantified by a glossmeter. EVERFINE can provide a standard level glossmeter, such as MTG-2 Micro Tri-geometry Glossmeter and MUG-2 Micro Uni-geometry Glossmeter,which can be used for accurate measurement of different gloss materials, and provide guidance for accurate control of gloss in actual production

In measurement, the geometry angle of gloss also affects the masurement results. The gloss of medium-gloss materials is usually measured at 60°, which can be measured by MUG-2. However, the tested material has a gloss of <70GU or >70GU, MTG-2 is more suitable.

MUG-2 Micro Uni-geometry Glossmeter 

MTG-2 Micro Tri-geometry Glossmeter