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Solution of measurement and matching for textile, paint , rubber and plastic


1.Bench-top and portable spectrophotometer

Human eye is the most traditional color measur tool, which can distinguish small color differences. However, human eye is influenced by subjective and external factors during observation of color, so the visual inspection can not objectively express the color properyies and color differences. With the development of modern industry, the production technology becomes more and more complex, further the demands for product color is higher and higher, Which  require precise color measurement and evaluation instrument for high accuracy measurement to control the color quality of product , avoid human error, improve the accuracy of color difference judgement in practical application, reduce the time of color comparison and improve the efficiency of the process.

In the textile, paint, rubber and plastic industries, it is easy to produce color difference and color change in the actual production. There is often a phenomenon of color mismatch between customer samples, laboratory samples and mass production samples, and laboratory repeated sampling and customer confirmation will consume time and influence the production progress. the use of the spectrophotometer as a measurement means can eliminate the human error interference, so as to ensure the accuracy of the test results, reduce the color difference of mass production samples , improve the stability of the color quality of the product and reduce the production cost, For the accurate measurement of the color in the laboratory, HACA series Spectrophotometer is recommended. HACA-3800 High Accuracy Color Analyzer adopts advanced spectral measurement technology and double-beam feedback optical system with the industry-leading measurement repeatability of ΔEab<0.005. measurement repeatability, LED light sources with longer life, large size touch display, which can realize the high precision measurement of  spectral reflectance, spectral transmittance, color, color difference and other parameters of  object surface propertry, and is the perfect solution for the color matching of various materials.


HACA-3800 High Accuracy Color Analyzer

For the customers who only need the reflection function, EVERFINE’s HACA-2000 high accuracy color analyzer is recommended.,which adopts pulsed xenon lamps and EVERFINE’s patented spectral measurement technology. Haca-2000 also has high accuracy and repeatability when measuring the materials with low reflectance, and can realize high precision measurement of spectral reflectance and color of object and is a perfect solution for the best color matching of various materials.


For the on-site color measurement in production, PSC series portable spectrophotometer is recommended,which features in high precision, convenient operation and compact size..

PSC-20 Spectrophotometer adopts 45ºcircumferential illumination /0ºvertical receiving that  reduces the dependence on direction, which correlates closely with visual perception of objects, and is best suited for color measurement of automotive interior parts,plastic,paint,etc. with better stability.


PSC-20 Spectrophotometer

PSC-30 employs d/8 measurement geometry design to do simultaneous measurement of SCI and SCE,which ensures much higher stability and faster speed. Meanwhile, its compact size and flexible probe can make measurement for plane and curve surface material, so that it suits best for field measurement and online quality control of plastic, paint, textile, automotive interior parts and metal,etc. 

PSC-30 Spectrophotometer

2. Visual Color Assessment

Visual Color Assessment is a lighting assessment which can provide a variety of lighting environments, which is widely used in the visual evaluation and comparision of color for materials samples in the fields of textile, print ,dye, plastic, pigment, paint, ink, photography and so on, to ensure that the color quality of product meets the standard quality.

VCA-1100 Visual Color Assessment allows users to visually compare the appearance of a color sample set under a variety of  high quality standard light sources with and without UV lamps, and is in conformity with ASTM, CIE, ISO, GB ,JJG standard, etc.


VCA-1100 Visual Color Assessment

VCA-3300 adopts EVERFINE’s patented technology and high-quality light source of top  international brands, such as PHILIPS, GE, OSRAM, SYLVANIA, which allows users to visually compare the appearance of a color sample set under a variety of light sources and different illuminance leves with and without UV. HACA-3300 is in conformity with ASTM, CIE, ISO, GB and JJG standards, and provides a solid technical guarantee for improving the consistency and reliability of color comparison. Moreover, VCA-3300 is equipped with illumination adjustment function and can display the illuminance in real time, so as to facilitate the evaluation requirements of samples under different situations.


VCA-3300 Visual Color Assessment