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Solution Introduction

EVERFINE is professional supplier to provide optical-electrical parameters test solution for VCSEL ,include: VCSEL spectrum power test system, VCSEL FOV measurement system,Optical power meter, VSCEL photoelectrical property auto-online test system.


1.VTS-200 VCSEL Optical&Electrical Test System 

      Main functions: this system can measure VCSEL spectrum curve, radiation power, current, voltage, radiation efficiency, peak wavelength, central wavelength, FWHM  and other performance measurement and analysis; Measurement and analysis of variation curves of voltage, radiant power, radiant efficiency and spectral distribution in different current conditions; Measurement and analysis of voltage, current, radiant power, radiant efficiency, spectral distribution, wavelength and other variation curves in different temperature conditions.


For further information ,please contact EVERFINE directly.

2.VGS-200 VCSEL Gonioradiometer System

    VGS-200 is used to scan the spatial radiant intensity distribution for VCSELs. And it provides spectrum, optical radiation power, FOV, eye safety class, electrical parameters, and PD current at the same time. The system is designed to make sure high synchronization and high accuracy to accommodate to test requirements of VCSEL R&D laboratory and QC inspection.


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 3.VTS-2000 VCSEL Automatic Online Test System

     VAT-2000 VCSEL automatic online test system can test spectrum, FOV, radiation and electrical parameters online for VCSEL,it can evaluate the safety level of human eyes automatically. The system can automatically identify pass or failed products according to measurement results and customer classification files.

                                    VTS-2000 VCSEL Automatic Online Test System

4.Laser Power Meter LPM-20

    LPM-20 can be used for laser power measurement, which is suitable for aligned laser and divergent beam laser,small polarization error and high accuracy. The system is easy for alignment and installation, and small size and portable.


For further information, please contact with EVERFINE directly.