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Infrared LED Solution

Infrared LED Solution


Solution Introduction :

EVEFINE provide professional measurement solution for infrared LED package,module and lamp, it mainly include infrared irradiance meter, infrared spectroradiometer, infrared LED and module photometry & colorimetry& electrical testing system, infrared LED and module radiation intensity and radiation flux testing system.

1.IR - 20 Infrared Irradiance Meter

IR-20 infrared irradiance meter has the high accuracy, wide measurement range, small size, low power consumption and stable performance, it is widely used in remote control, security, health, beauty care and other fields, the equipment is easy to be operation and portable, used for the measurement of infrared radiation intensity, and the user can also choose different wavelength range  of infrared detector according to requirement.


2、Infrared LED and Modules Photometry & Colorimetry& Electrical Measurement System


The system can be used to measure relative spectral power distribution, peak wavelength, FWHM, spectral flux of each wavelength, and total radiation flux of spefied wavelenth, forward voltage, forward current, reverse voltage, reverse current and other parameters . The transient characteristic measurement (pulse measurement) and steady characteristic measurement (DC measurement) of  Infrared LED can be realized simultaneously. It can also get Spectral power distribution, peak wavelength, FWHM, radiant flux and other parameters at different junction temperatures.


Infrared LED spectroradiometer system


ATA-500  Auto-temperatured Infrared LED Opto-electronic Measurement System


Infrared Spectroradiometer system for Lamps

3、Infrared LED and
Module Radiation Intensity and Radiation Flux Measurement System

Main functions: These systems are suitable for testing the radiation intensity distribution curve (polar coordinates or rectangular coordinates), 3D radiation intensity distribution diagram, radiation intensity curve vs forward current, forward current curve vs forward voltage,radiation intensity curve vs time.

LED620/626  IR LED Goniophotometer


GO-SPEX100 Goniospectroradiometer Test System for infrared LEDs 


GO-SPEX500 Goniospectroradiometer Test System for Infrared Lamp and Modules