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UV light source test solution

Solution introduction:
EVERFINE provides professional test instruments for UV LED package, UV light source and luminaire, including ultraviolet light source irradiance testing system, UV LED and light source spectral radiant flux measurement system, ultraviolet light source radiant intensity distribution test system, UV light radiation safety measurement system, ultraviolet LED junction temperature thermal resistance analysis system, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test system and so on.


1. Ultraviolet irradiance meter
Main functions: It is used for the spectral power distribution measurement of ultraviolet LED light source, ultraviolet lamp and luminaire,as well ad relative peak wavelength, half peak bandwidth, the spectral irradiance of UVA1 (320nm-390nm) uvA2 (UV 365nm) ,UVB band (wavelength range: 290nm-320nm) UVC band (UV253.7nm) and the total irradiance of other specific band. It has high accuracy .

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2. Spectral and radiant flux measurement system for ultraviolet LED and light sources (lamps and lanterns)

Main functions: it can be used to measure the relative spectral power distribution, the peak wavelength, the half width, the spectral radiant flux in each band of ABC, the total radiant flux in other specific band, the forward voltage, the forward current, the reverse voltage, the reverse current and so on. The transient characteristic measurement (pulse measurement) and steady state characteristic measurement (direct current measurement) of ultraviolet LED can be realized simultaneously. Spectral power distribution, peak wavelength, half width and radiation flux at different shell temperature & junction temperature are obtained. 

Spectrum and radiant flux measurement system for ultraviolet LED light source 

ATA-500 Ultraviolet LED automatic temperature control spectrum and radiant flux measurement system 


 Spectrum and radiation flux testing system of ultraviolet light source and luminaire

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3. Ultraviolet LED light source and luminaire radiant intensity distribution test system

Main functions: It is used to test the radiant intensity distribution curve (polar coordinates or right angle coordinates) beam angle, radiant intensity with positive current change characteristic curve, forward current with forward voltage change curve, radiation intensity with time change curve and other parameters. It is suitable for all kinds of ultraviolet LED, ultraviolet light source and luminaire,

LED620 goniophotometer             GO-2000 horizontal goniophotometer  

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4. Ultraviolet detection device

Main function: It is used for metrological verification of ultraviolet illuminance meter to meet the standard requirements of JJG879-2015 “verification regulation of ultraviolet irradiance meters” .

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