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Plant Lighting Measurement Solution

System introduction:
EVERFINE is professional measurement solution supplier for plant lighting LEDs,LED package and luminaries, our solutions cover plant lighting on site measurement instrument,photometry&colormetry&electric test system,plant photonsynthetic photon intensity distribution test system as well as  photon sensor for networking analysis .

1.Plant Lighting On-site Test Equipment 

PLA-30 Plant light analyzer is a professional measurement equipmentfor accurate measurement and analysis of plant lighting. It integrates high-end intelligent configuration, one-touch operation, one-step measurement and analysis, real-time data reading and widely used in plant lighting analysis, monitoring, researching and communication.
●Relative spectral power distribution P(λ)    
●Photosynthetic photon flux density(PPFD) 
●chlorophyll A weighted irradiance(Ech-A)
●Chlorophyll B weighted irradiance(Ech-B)  
●Blue-purple irradiance(EB )
●Yellow-Green irradiance(EY)
●Red-Orange irradiance(ER )
●Red-Blue irradiance ratio(Erb_Ratio)

2.Plant lighting spectral and photosynthetic photon flux measurement system

Test Parameters:
1) Photosynthetic photon flux density PPFD, EQ
2) Photosynthetic photon flux PPF
3) Chlorophyll A weighted irradiance Ech-A
4) Chlorophyll B weighted irradiance Ech-B
5) Photosynthetic irradiance  EP
6) Far-red light irradiance, EF
7) Far-red light photon flux density, PPFDF
8) Far-red light photon flux PPF
9) Blue-violet irradiance,EB
10) Yellow-green irradiance,EY
11) Red-orange irradiance, ER
12) Red-blue irradiance ratio, Erb-ratio.

3.Plant Photonsynthetic Photon Intensity Distribution Test System
Main Function:
Spectral quantumn distribution(SQD) and spectral power distribution(SPD) are avaliable;
Photonsynthetic Photon Intensity Distribution(PPID) measurement;
Plant lighting spatial spectral distribution characteristics analysis;
Total photosynthetic photon flux (PPF)and radiance flux of plant lighting are avaliable.

4、PS-470 photon sensor
PS-470 photon sensor has wide measurement range, small volume, low power consumption and stable performance, which is dedicated to measure natural light and artificial light plant photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) in 400 nm to 700 nm wavelength range, its special waterproof design can be used in all weather conditions, and it is widely used in agricultural meteorology, crop growth and ecology research.