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Field Lighting Test

System introduction: 

Main functions: Test and evaluate the illuminance, luminance, color temperature, chromaticity coordinates, color rendering index and spectral power distribution of road lighting, indoor lighting, commercial lighting, stadium lighting, building lighting and so on.

GB/T 5700-2008 Measurement methods for lighting
GB/T 5699-2017 Method of daylighting measurements 

GB/T 26180-2010 Method of measuring and specifying colour rendering of light sources

GB 50034-2013 Standard for lighting design of buildings

CJJ 45-2015 Standard for lighting design of  urban road
JGJ/T 163-2008  code for lighting design of urban nightscape
JGJ 153-2016 Standard for lighting design and test of sports venues

CIE 15-2004 colorimetry


1.1. SPIC-300 spectral irradiance colorimeter

Main functions: Test spectral power distribution, color coordinate, domain wavelength, peak wavelength, correlation color temperature, color index, half peak bandwidth, color purity, red ratio, color tolerance, irradiance, illuminance and other parameters. SPIC-300 adopts international patent design and leads a new era of mobile spectrum measurement. Equipped with high-end intelligent configuration, measurement and analysis will be completed by one key operation and the test data can be read real time. It is very suitable for various on-site lighting measurement, like building, indoor, workplaces, shopping malls and so on.


1.2. M-20 multichannel spectral illumination test system
Main function: M-20 multichannel spectral illumination test system is mainly used for multi-point photometry and chromaticity measurement and illumination uniformity measurement.  

2.  Field illuminance measurement

2.1. Z-10 illuminance meter
Main functions: Z-10 offers accurate and easy measurement of level illuminance (horizontal illumination, vertical illumination), illumination difference, illuminance proportion, integral illuminance, average illumination and so on. It has many advantages such as multi-function, compact size, convenient operation, high precision, wide measuring range and low power consumption, and can be networked with multiple probes to form multi-point illuminance measuring system. It is used for lighting evaluation of industrial and commercial lighting, road and tunnel lighting, exhibition hall, office environment lighting and other places.

2.2. PHOTO-2000EZ average full-cylindrical illuminance meter
Main function: Test the average illuminance of cylinder (cylindrical surface and semicircular cylinder). Because of its small size, low power consumption, high precision, wide range of measurement, stable performance, convenience of using and  carrying and so on, it is especially suitable for the measurement of illuminance in sports venues, industrial sites, commercial lighting and other occasions. 

2.3.  PHOTO-2000AH automatic level illuminance meter
Main function: PHOTO-2000AH automatic level illuminance meter offers accurate and easy measurement of horizontal illuminance of angled surface. Because of its small size, low power consumption, high accuracy, wide measuring range, stable performance, convenience of using and carrying, it is especially suitable for field testing. 

2.4. M-10 multichannel photometric test system
    Main functions: multi point illumination measurement, illumination uniformity measurement, etc. 

3.Field luminance measurement

Luminance is the key value for evaluating the lighting effects of road lighting, tunnel lighting, landscape lighting and glare.

3.1. CX series imaging luminance meter
With High-performance image CCD, the device can obtain the full screen luminance information at the same time, which is equivalent to over one million micro luminance meters. With special analysis software, the luminance uniformity of road surface, landscape lighting, tunnel lighting, panel lights, display panels and dashboards can be directly analyzed.


Measurement and analysis of luminance and luminance uniformity of road and bridge engineering and landscape lighting


3.2. SRC series spectral radiance colorimeter
The measurable parameters include luminance, radiance, relative spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlation color temperature, color display index, color tolerance, peak wavelength, half width, color purity, main wavelength, red ratio, etc. it features High sensitivity, high precision, high resolution and wide range of measurement and can meet the requirements of laboratory. It is also very convenient to use wireless data transmission for field measurement. It is also widely used in lighting engineering, FPD display, backlight, light source and light-emitting devices, film and television, traffic signals, building and other fields.


3.3.  SIRC-2000 spectral image radiance
SIRC-2000 spectral image radiance is a new generation of luminance meter in the world, integrating two dimensional luminance image and spectral analysis function. It uses a number of patent techniques to overcome the defects of the original luminance meter. two-dimensional luminance image and spectrum & color information at the designed point can be analyzed with high accuracy. It  widely applied to many fields such as road, landscape, dashboard, backlight, flat panel display, projection screen and so on.


3.4.  LM-3 spot luminance meter
By using the principle of lens imaging, the luminance parameters of light sources or objects can be measured in a non-contact state through telescopic optical system. It is mainly used for luminance measurement in LCD/LED display, backlight, indicator lamp, traffic signal lamp, automobile lamp, tunnel bridge project, landscape lighting and so on. The equipped photometer is well V(λ)matched and has high measurement stability, ensuring the measurement accuracy.


4.  Field Glare measurement

4.1. LGM-200B lighting glare measurement system

Glare is one of the main factors that affect the health of light environment. Although the human eye can adapt to the brightness of about 14 orders of magnitude, it will be reduced to 4-5 orders of magnitude when the luminance level of a field is adapted for a period of time, and other objects or light sources above the area will glare.  

The field of view of the human eye is observed at about 30°-120°, that is to say, it is necessary to measure the luminance of the two-dimensional image in the 120° range accurately. Therefore, the fish eye lens is used to collect the image, but the problem of image distortion caused by the fish eye lens is very serious, and the linearity of the ordinary camera is only 3 orders of magnitude, which can not meet the needs of the wide range of the glare measurement. In order to solve these problems, the LGM-2B lighting measurement system introduced by EVERFINE can measure the luminance image of up to 2π full space, which is used for the glare analysis of the field lighting. LGM-2B has high pixel resolution and high angle precision, and the response of the detector is precisely matched with the visual efficiency function of the human eye, and the high precision UGR and TI values can be obtained. It meets the CIE 115, GB/T 5700, GB 50034-2013, JGJ/T163-2008 and other standard requirements.



5. Field flicker measurement

5.1. SFIM-400 spectral flickering irradiance meter

Main functions: The SFIM-400 spectral flickering irradiance meter integrates spectral measurement and flicker analysis functions for light source and lighting site. It takes international patent design to achieve high precision and high sensitivity measurement. The measurement functions include rapid photometric change curve, stroboscopic, flicker index, Percent Flicker, etc. . And it features One button operation, one step completion of field measurement and analysis with real-time data reading.



LFA-3000 combines the latest standards and technical specifications, can provide the most complete flicker evaluation parameters, and can automatically determine the flicker safety level according to the standard. It is specially used for the test of light source, fast photometric curve, flicker, flicker index, Percent Flicker, Pst, SVM and Mp in lighting scene.

6. Blue light hazard measurement


Spectral radiance safety test system is a new generation of portable photobiological safety test and evaluation equipment. It fully considers its convenience and operability on the basis of retaining the main functions of the laboratory photobiological safety test system. It has made up for the lack of safety in measuring light radiation in the field. With built-in touch screen, good human-computer interaction interface and compact appearance, it’s easy to carry and widely applicable to the fast measurement of indoor and outdoor on site LED lighting products, and it fully meets the measurement requirements for blue light hazards in the new version of GB 7000.1.

                                                                  Blue light hazard weighting Function                 Circadian action factor