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Automotive lamp and traffic signal lamp test

Solution introduction: 

EVERFINE provides comprehensive optical test solution for traffic and automotive lighting lamps, mainly including photometric and colorimetric performance test system for automotive lamps and retroreflectors luminous flux and chromaticity test system,aotomotive lamps on-line test and adjustment system, aotomotive LED module online test system, vehicle EMC test system and so on. It fully meets the requirements of international and domestic related standards.

1.Performance test of light distribution of car lights and traffic lights

Main functions: It is used for light distribution test of automotive lamps, road traffic lights, motorcycle lights, electric bicycle lights, marine lights, navigation lights, agricultural lights, retro reflectors, reflective materials, etc..

The world leading CIE A-α  measurement solution, the system adopts high precision photometric probe and absolute synchronous photometric test technology to realize full closed loop control and high the angle precision , which reaches the international leading level. Open software designed to meet different software, and easy to be upgraded;The system fully meets the resuirements of such standards asGB, SAE, JIS, ECE and so on.



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GO-HD5 can achieve different functional requirements with the following modules:

1. Photometric properties test of retroreflector and retroreflective material.

Combined with GO-HD5, RT100A can realize the retroreflection performance measurement of all kinds of reflectors and retroreflective materials, such as pavement markers, delineators, fault car warning signs, road marking paint so on,,. It fully  meets the requirements of GB, ECE, SAE, DIN, CIE and other related standard.



2. Spatial Chromatic properties test of the automotive lamp and the retroreflective material.

Combined with GO-HD5 and HASS-200 precision rapid spectral radiometer the system can be used to measure Spatial Chromatic properties of automotive lamp and the retroreflective material.. It fully meets the requirements of the standards of GB25991 and GB11564 .



Combined with EVERFINE SRC series spectral radiance meter with GO-HD5 turntable, the system can realize the automatic measurement of the luminance distribution of the license plate lamp. Fully meets the requirements of GB, ECE, SAE and other related standards,

4. Tail marker plate, fluorescent colorimetric and luminance factor test.

The system is composed of high accuracy array spectroradiometer, standard light source, standard white board, fluorescent chromaticity test device and special fluorescent photometric&colorimetric testing software.  it can realize radiance factor measurement, fully meeting the standard requirements of GB25990, GB19151 and other relevant international standards.

5. Motor vehicle warning lamp test

combined with GO-HD5 , WLT-200 motor vehicle warning lamp test system can realize the optical test of transient light source ,like Car flash Warning Light and vehicle lighting performance testing system, used for testing flash lights, warning lights and other transient light sources. Meet ECE R65 standard requirements 

6. Traffic signal lamp phantom test system

Combined with GO-HD5, Traffic signal lamp phantom test system can be used for traffic signal lamp phantom test, which meets the requirements of EN12368-2006, GB14887-2003 standard and other relevant international standards.


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2. Test of luminous flux and color of car lamp

mainly used to optical measurement for traffic and vehicle lamps,  the test parameters include the relative spectral power distribution of color coordinates, main wavelengths, peak wavelengths, spectral purity, color temperature, color rendering index, half width, luminous flux (with integral ball), radiation power, red light ratio, color tolerance and other parameters, fully satisfied with the light and color measurement requirements of the National Lighting Committee CIE.


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3. High accuracy traffic and vehicle lamp total luminous flux reference level test.

Using the internationally recognized and most accurate method (illuminance integral method) to measure the total light flux of various sizes of light sources and traffic lights, and meet the requirements of the CIE84 absolute total light flux measurement. Configured with high accuracy fast spectral radiometer, it can realized the measurement of the spatial spectral distribution of the light source, obstaining  accurate average color characteristics of the light source and the spatial color uniformity .

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4.On line light adjustment and measurement system for car lights

designed according to GB4599-2007, GB7258-2012 and other national standards, the system is can realized on-line light distribution test and adjustment for automotive headlamps 


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5. Test of transmittance and diffuser of automobile lampshade shell materials


designed according to GB4599-2007 and on the basis of standard requirement, the system design special monitoring light path to monitor the light output change of the light source. It can be used to the diffuse light and transmission meassument of  shell materials used in automotive lamps.

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6. automotive lampshad UV test

The PMS-2000 double-monochromator spectroradiometer is used to the UV radiation test of automotive, and it fully meets the requirements of GB25991-2010 and related international standards such as ECE and SAE. The system has very wide dynamic range, extremely low stray light and extremely high spectral wavelength accuracy, and is especially suitable for measuring ultraviolet content of headlights.

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7. reflectivity Test of vehicle rearview mirrors

The YF2009 REFLECTIVITY TESTER OF REVIEW MIRROR is mainly used to measure reflectivity of various vehicle rearview mirrors .

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8. Accelerated aging and life testing system for traffic and vehicle luminaires

LT-200A/300A traffic and vehicle lighting accelerated aging and life testing systems are used for the photometric& Chromatic &electric performance  test of traffic and vehicle lamps or LED packaging products. the test function includes conventional aging of LED modules, accelerated aging, luminous flux maintenance characteristics test, color drift test, and life test, and LED life calculation and prediction function. Real time online photoelectric parameter automatic test can be used to measure the functional relationship of photochromatic and electric parameters with temperature.

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9. Automatic test system for traffic and vehicle lights LED module.

1MAT-2000 LED module online test system

The MAT-2000 LED module online testing system is used for on-line testing system of single board or mosaic LED module, which can be used for on-line detection of photometric, colormetric and electric parameters of LED module, row lamp, the light source panel and so on. It can butt the SMT production line seamlessly. 

2. MAT-200C LED module automatic test system

The MAT-200C LED module automatic test system is suitable for the LED automobile module( as a whole) and is widely used  in theLED module optical uniformatity test of automotive headlamps and other front light light sources as well as the high brake light and the daily line lamp.


3. MAT-200D LED module automatic test system

The MAT-200D aims at the single LED on the car module, and is widely applied to the single photochromatic consistency test of the automobile LED module, which can be used to test the single luminous points one by one on the LED module. The test parameters include luminous flux, chromatic coordinates, color temperature, power and so on. The test speed can reach 3000/h (without manual up and down time).

4. MAT-200A LED module automatic test system

The MAT-200A LED module automatic test system is widely used in the measurement and analysis of the maximum luminance, average brightness, luminance and chromaticity uniformity of the atmosphere lamp, Driving lights, welcome lights in the car.

5. MAT-200B LED module automatic test system

The MAT-200B LED module automatic test system is widely applied to the test of the linear light guide bar of LED automobile for the LED light guide bar. With high precision imaging luminance test and spectral test, the system can realize the 100% test of the luminance, luminance uniformity and color parameters.

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10. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test of automobile lamp

1. EMI test

According to the requirements of the CISPR25 standard, the AMI-1000/3000 series conduction – radiated emission test system can complete the EMI conduction emission t test of the 150kHz~108MHz car lamp and the EMI radiation emission test of the 150kHz~2.5GHz car lamp.


2. EMS test

(1) The EMS7637A automobile electronic immunity test system simulates the typical electromagnetic harassment produced in the normal operation of the vehicle, and simulates the change of the vehicle starting up, switching electronic device, the battery charge and discharge state and the change of the vehicle power supply. This system integrates P1, P2a, P2b, P3a, P3b, P4, P5a, P5b, P6 waveform and power change immunity. It meets the requirements of the latest version of ISO7637 and ISO16750-2, and meets the standard of some European, Japanese, Korean and domestic enterprises. 

(2) EMS61000-2A ESDgenerator is used for evaluating the electrostatic immunity performance ofd electrical and electronic equipments by simulating the real electrostatic discharge .it fully meets the standard requirements such as ISO10605, IEC61000-4-2 and so on. 

(3) AMS61000-6B automotive electronic BCI test system is used for inspecting the anti-interference ability of the radiant electromagnetic field of the automotive electronic equipment by injecting a certain intensity of interference current into the cable harness of the automotive electronic equipment, which is in line with the standard requirements of ISO11452-4 and part of the car enterprise.

(4) AMS61000-3A automobile electronic radiation immunity test system consists of signal source, power amplifier, transmitting antenna, power meter, field intensity meter and so on. The test frequency band is 80MHz~2.5GHz, the test field strength is 100V/m or above, amd it is used to evaluate the radiation anti-interference ability of thevehicle lamp.


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