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LED Packaging Test

System introduction:

EVERFINE provides professional LED packaging and testing instruments, mainly including LED optical color and electricity comprehensive performance test system, LED luminous intensity angle test system, LED accelerated aging test and life test system, LED thermal (temperature, thermal resistance) test system, LED radiation safety test system (IEC62471 ), LED near field photometer, the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test system and so on.

1. Photochromatic comprehensive performance test of LED

Main functions: Measurement of luminous flux, light effect, light power, relative spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, color temperature, main wavelength, peak wavelength, spectral half width, color rendering index, color purity, red light ratio, color tolerance, forward voltage, forward current, reverse voltage, reverse current and so on. The transient optical characteristic measurement (pulse measurement) and steady state optical characteristic measurement (direct current measurement) of LED can be realized simultaneously. It can test and analyze the  comprehensive characteristics of LED, high power integrated package (COB) LED, LED module and other products at different shell temperature / junction temperature.


PCE-2000B Single LED/ module photochromaticity and photoelectrocity test system


ATA-500/1000 Auto-temperatured LED Opto-electronic Analyzer 


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2.LED luminous intensity and angle test
Main functions: measurement  of luminous intensity distribution (light distribution curve), luminous intensity, three-dimensional luminous intensity distribution diagram, the characteristic curve of the luminous intensity with positive current change, the characteristic curve of the forward current with forward voltage variation, the characteristic curve of the light intensity with time, beam angle, luminous flux, forward voltage, positive current, reverse voltage, reverse current and so on.



LED626 LED photometer

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3. Aging-life test system for LED & LED luminaries
Main functions: It is used for routine aging, accelerated aging, luminous flux maintenance characteristics test, life test and temperature characteristic test of single LED and LED modules. The test items include: LED photometric (or light effect) with time variation curve (luminous flux maintenance characteristic curve), LED photometric and tube base temperature with time variation curve (temperature characteristic test), LED chromaticity temperature and tube base temperature with time variation curve (temperature characteristic test), LED junction voltage with time variation curve, LED junction voltage with photometric variation curve, LED junction voltage with chromaticity change curve and so on. The prediction model can be established by data processing, and the life expectancy of LED samples under accelerated stress can be estimated.

The system fully meets international and domestic standards such as IESNA LM-80-2008, IES TM-21, ENERGY STAR. 


LT-200A Aging-life test system for single LED & LED modules

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4.LED thermal (temperature, thermal resistance) test
Main functions: The analysis and measurement of LED thermal resistance, reference thermal resistance, thermal calibration coefficient, junction temperature and electrical performance parameters can be achieved. At the same time, the current (mA) with voltage (V) characteristic curve (I-V@TC), voltage (V) / junction temperature (℃) / with time (ms) curve, transient temperature rise and cooling curve can be drawn at different ambient temperatures.


TRA-200/300 LED Thermal Resistance Structure Analyzer

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5. LED luminous radiation safety test (IEC62471 test) 

Main functions: It is mainly used for optical radiation safety testing of various sources, such as LED package, LED module, LED lamp, energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, HID lamp and so on. The test items include the photochemical ultraviolet hazard to skin and eyes, the near ultraviolet hazard of the eyes, retina blue light hazard, the retina heat hazard and so on, and it can evaluate the safety grade of optical radiation according to the corresponding standard.

It fully meets the requirements of such standards as IEC/EN 62471, CIE S009, GB/T 20145, IEC/EN 60598, GB7000.1, 2005/32/EC EU directive and other standards.


OST-300 Optical Radiation Test System

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6. LED near field photometer

Main functions: The GO-NR1000 near field photometer is suitable for the near field photometric measurement of small light sources such as LED. The luminance distribution of the light source can be obtained, and the ray model is established by the algorithm and obtain the total luminous flux, the illumination distribution at any plane in space and the far-field luminous intensity distribution, etc. The output light model of the system can match with Tracepro and other optical software, which makes it  more convenient and accurateto do second optical design and development of opt products.

GO-NR1000 near field photometer

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7.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test
Main functions: According to the IEC and LED standards, electrostatic discharge immunity (ESD) test is carried out. Multiple test modes (IEC mode, MM machine mode, HBM body mode) are available. 

                                                     ESD-1000 LED ESD Automatic Test System

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