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Smartphone and tablet measurement - Optical characteristics test of smartphone and tablet

DMS-1500E Optical Property Test System for Smartphone and Tablet with Integrated Darkroom Design

DMS-1500E Optical Property Test System for Smartphone and Tablet with Integrated Darkroom Design

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Measurement of optical properties of display under 15 inches such as smartphone, flat panel, navigation screen, LCM module, including luminance uniformity, color uniformity, spectral distribution, chromaticity coordinates, color gamut area, color gamut coverage, luminance contrast, white balance error, response time, gray scale, flicker, crosstalk and etc.There are three automatic turntable integrated in darkroom, which is overall beautiful and generous. The size of the tested displays is 3-15 inches, meeting the requirements of IEC, TCO, IDMS and other related standards.

Measurement interface: 




Measurement size

3-15 inches 


Horizontal placement

X translation


Y translation


Z translation

350mm600mm adjustable 

Translation resolution



 Clamping device can perform pitch adjustment

Alignment device

Software auto-alignment can be achieved by the cross laser alignment device and the line laser alignment itself.


Video monitoring system

Optical test instrument

SRC series spectral radiance colorimetr, CX series imaging  luminance meter, and etc.

Test speed

Quick, medium and slow for choice

Signal generator

Android mobile phone install remote special graphics swiching software, computer graphics card HDMI, VGA, DVI and other output, Windows system image signal generating software, customer's signal driver and etc.

Response time and flicker

The quick response tester is equipped to realize the response time and the flicker test.

Power supply

High precision precision DC power supply and electrical parameter tester


Metallic dark box





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