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Automotive Lamp Test -

OA-3000 Online Adjustment and measurement system for Vehicle lamps

OA-3000 Online Adjustment and measurement system for Vehicle lamps

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OA-3000 can achieve head lamp shape online adjustment and fast measurement function. It’s special designed for the quality control of vehicle lamps during manufacturing progress. The system includes precision optical measurement unit, power supply unit and artificial intelligence algorithm. It  applies the international standards, national standards and human visual recognition judgment function. The system has many advantages of easy operation, high accuracy and stable performance. 

More precise &  fast

No need darkroomSave more space

Realize manual/auto adjustment with convenient operation system

Main features

1. Precisely matching V(λ) optical detector, high quality imaging system, more accurate measurement;

2. High dynamic range imaging technology(HDR)  can accurately detect the cut-off line;

3. No need darkroom, save more space.

4. Professional software to analyze the cut-off line, accurately determine the inflection point position

5.  Light shape can be adjusted to the limit range quickly by the dimming motor



1.Low beam headlamp cut-off line

2. Judge the inflection point of the low beam headlamp cut-off line

3. Illuminance distribution of HV point and key test point of high/low beam headlamp

4. Analyze the sharpness of the light cut-off line and the sharpness factor G value;

5. Automatic qualification judgement

6. Automatic dimming

7. ADB test module function and AFS test module function(optional)

Software interface

Judge cut-off line and reflection point position very precise


Deploy dimming electrical machinery,the light shape can be adjusted quickly to a limited range