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Luminance Meter -

SIRC-2000 Spectral Image Radiance Colorimeter

SIRC-2000 Spectral Image Radiance Colorimeter

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More powerful functions and higher accuracy to overcome the defects of the original luminance measurement

Patented double CCD design integrates luminance image and spectral analysis

SIRC-2000 is a new generation of luminance meter, it adapts patented technologies to overcome the drawbacks of former ones, that it can not only precisely analysis the luminance image but also acquire the spectral and colorimetric information of an aiming point.

Main characteristics

1)Patented double CCD design and more powerful functions

2)High precision, one sampling to realize the measurement of luminance uniformity, with high test efficiency.

3)High performance CCD array detector design with high resolution of 0.6nm/pixel makes the measurement of monochromatic light more advantageous.

4)Wide wavelength range350nm-1000nmluminance range 0.1-1,000,000cd/m2

5)Equipped with TFT liquid crystal and touch screen , suitable for laboratory and on site testing

Relative spectral curve                              CIE chromaticity diagram

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1) Wavelength range3501000nm

2) Wavelength resolution0.6nm/pixel

3) Wavelength accuracy±0.3nm

4)  Viewing angle

5)  Viewing field

6) Measurement distance400mm to infinity(standard lens)

7) Measurement areaabout Φ5.6mmat 400mm

8) Luminance range*1(under standard A source)0.1-5000cd/m2

9) Chromaticity coordinates accuracy(x, y)0.0015 (high than 0.2cd/m2under standard A source)