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Luminance Meter -

SRC-600 Spectral Radiance Colorimeter

SRC-600 Spectral Radiance Colorimeter

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Realize high-precision, high repeatability and high contrast measurementcolor

Down to 0.0005cd/m2 Luminance measurement

SRC-600 can be used for the testing of various types of mobile phones, PAD, computer monitors, TV, projectors, LED display screens, panel lights, landscape lighting, emergency lighting, etc.

Main characteristics
1Accurate measurement for spectral radiance, luminance and colorimetric

Measurable items: Radiance, luminance, relative spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, etc.

2)Ultra high sensitivity
The limit of SRC-600 can be as low as 0.0005cd/m2 to meet the measurement requirements of weak luminance .

3)High accuracy

Without spectral mismatch error, it’s suitable for correction of colorimeter.
4)High resolution

Equipped with high quality TE-cooled CCD & excellent performance grating , moreover, the well matching can obtain the resolution up to 0.6nm/pixel.
5)Data viewing and transmission
The TFT liquid crystal and touch screen will display the test data and spectrum intuitively. It can be connected with the mobile phone APP to realize the automatic transmission of the data, and can also be connected to the computer to save and print the data.

                                                                   Relative spectral curve                                         CIE chromaticity diagram

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● Viewing angle0.1°0.2°

● Luminance measurement range0.0005cd/m2600,000cd/m2Different measurement range for different viewing angle

       ● Luminance Accuracy±2%Reading+1Digit (According to the method of national measurement verification JJG211-2005)

       ● Chromaticity Accuracyunder standard A source):x,y:0.0015,0.001(high than 0.05cd/m2 at 1° Viewing angle)

       ● Chromaticity repeatability0.0004(high than 0.2cd/m2 at 1°Viewing angle)

       ● CCT range1000K100000K

       ● Measurement areaΦ4mmViewing angle at 300mmMeasurement distance