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HB-6B Electrical Ballast Analyzer (Fluorescence lamp)

HB-6B Electrical Ballast Analyzer (Fluorescence lamp)

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On the basis of the original HB series electronic ballast performance analyzer of EVERFINE, HB-6B use high-speed and high-accuracy AD to conduct real-time and rapid sampling of signals, Meet the requirement of international standard. It can show the specification and the waveform on a 640*480 5 inch high resolution big color LCD directly or connect with computer.


Input Characteristics:it can measure RMS voltage (5 v ~ 300 v), the peak voltage, voltage wave ratio, RMS current 0.010 ~ 1.000/5.000(A), peak current, current wave ratio, active power (0.5 ~ 1500 w), apparent power, power factor, power frequency, voltage current actual waveform, and the tape function of phase current waveform analysis.Accuracy: ± (0.1%Reading+0.1%Range+1)

Harmonic analysis:it can measure the THD of voltage and current, relative value of each harmonic from 0 to 39th, effective value, harmonic spectrum,harmonic current per watt.

Input start analysis: the waveform of the starting process of the input voltage maximum, the impulse current, the time when the voltage current reaches the

maximum value and the starting process of the input voltage current are measured within 40ms of the electronic ballast.

Output starting characteristics: the curve and the maximum value of RMS of the lamp voltage (30.0 ~ 1000.0V), lamp current (0.010 ~ 2.000A), incoming cathode current (0.010 ~ 2.000A) and filament current (0.010 ~ 2.000A) are measured within 0 ~ 5 seconds after the electronic ballast is started. Voltage and current accuracy: ±2%Range

Output steady-state characteristics:measurement of steady-state lamp voltage RMS (10.0 ~ 300.0V), lamp current RMS (0.010 ~ 0.500/2.000A), incoming cathode current RMS (0.010 ~ 2.000A), filament current RMS (0.010 ~ 2.000A), peak value, wave peak ratio;Waveform of lamp voltage, lamp current, incoming cathode current and filament current; Lamp frequency and lamp power. High frequency waves can be expanded. Accuracy: ±1%Range.

Preheating energy test:the true RMS of the filament voltage (2.0-30.0V), the true RMS of the filament current (0.010-2.000A), the filament power (0.1-60W) and the above parameters are measured within 0 ~ 5 seconds after the electronic ballast is started.


It is mainly used for the analysis and measurement of the input and output performance of fluorescent lamp electronic rectifier