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Institute Introduction

Institute Introduction

EVERFINE Optoelectronics Research Institution is a photo-detecting technology and scientific research institution that EVERFINE Opto-electronics Information Co., Ltd. has made full efforts to build and has world-class level. With the concept of “everything originating from innovation”, we focus on the research and development of cutting-edge technologies and future products to lead the development of the industry and provide the core support for the company to continuously explore new growth regions and sustainable development.

The total area of the institute is 40000m2 and the total investment is about 100 million yuan. The hospital has built an international advanced laboratory for optical and electrical standards, and a global LED testing demonstration laboratory. The institute has a scientific research team of more than 200 scientists and engineers and brings together top-notch technical talent from home and abroad. Li Tongbao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the honorary president and chief advisor of the research institute. The chairman of EVERFINE is the chief scientist of the institute.

Research directions and results

research direction

The Institute is devoted to technical research and equipment development in the following fields and carries out industrialization transformation.

  • 1) Semiconductor Lighting Detection Technology

  • 2) Spectrophotometry

  • 3) Optical Radiation Calibration Technology

  • 4) Fundamentals of Light Colorimetry and Radiometry

National Optical Radiation Measurement Sub-Committee Secretariat

The Institute undertook the secretariat work of the National Committee of Standardization Technical Committee on Lighting and Optical Measurement (SAC/TC224/SC3). The National Sub-Branch Committee is engaged in the national standardization work in the field of optical radiation measurement methods. The counterpart international organization is the International Illumination Committee's Optical Radiation Measurement Division (CIE/D2).

EVERFINE Test calibration center

EVERFINE Test calibration center

Telephone: +86 0571 86692081 +86 0571 86692082.

Email: calibration@everfine.cn lab@everfine.net

Address: no. 1 building , Everfine , no. 669, binkang road, binjiang district, hangzhou

Zip code: 310053

Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory.

Distance investment of nearly ten million yuan, built with the international first-class EMC test system and standard of 3 m method in electromagnetic compatibility laboratory certification level afar, can provide including information technology equipment, household appliances, electric tools, low-voltage electrical appliances, lighting equipment, automotive electronics, and many other industries of EMC test, aims to provide a high standard of EMC test and demonstration service, help customers EMC testing capability.