CIE2018 Tipical Conference on Smart Lighting held in Taipei


CIE 2018 Topical conference on Smart Lighting was held on April 26-27 in Taipei, China. As a substitute for the CIE Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency Conference, the CIE 2018 Topical conference focused on a key research topic in the field of lighting. This conference is also the first special conference held by CIE.

The conference was co-sponsored by CIE, The International Commission on Illumination-Taiwan, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, National Central University of Taiwan and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The conference focused on the theme of smart lighting, through the application of advanced science and technology, to promote the development of lighting technology, to achieve energy conservation, to improve the quality, comfort and safety of lighting. The conference has attracted many participants, speakers and experts from all over the world, that includes CIE president Dr. Yoshi Ohno, CIE Technical Vice Erkki Ikonen, CIE vice president Dr. Ronnier Luo, CIE Division 6 President Ronald B. Gibbons, CIE Division 6 President John O’ Hagan.

Meeting Venue

To promote the re-evolution of cities, building smart cities with smart lighting is one of the most popular trends in the world. The conference invited Mr. Ed Ebrahimian, director of the Los Angeles Street Light Construction Bureau, to give a special invited report on the theme of "City of Los Angeles LED Program and Smart City" to share the innovative practices and experiences of using smart lighting to build smart cities in Los Angeles, USA.Another invited report was from Patrick Fan, vice president of sales at EPISTAR of Taiwan. The title of the report is "Future Smart Living LEDilized by Today's III-V Optoelectronics".

Focusing on the theme of smart lighting, the conference features seminars on “Adaptive, Intelligent and Dynamic Lighting”, “Color Vision”, “Healthy Lighting” and “Display and Imaging Devices in Lighting Applications”, introducing basic principles and discussing future research directions in these important areas. CIE also opened training courses such as “Adjustable Spectral Lighting System”, “Healthy Lighting” and “Road Lighting” before the conference, and opened a lighting-related boutique display area during conference. EVERFINE was also invited to exhibit testing equipments of lighting in leading level, which attracted the attention of the delegates.

The lighting inspection equipment exhibited by EVERFINE received the attention of the delegates

The Health and quality of lighting is currently a hot topic of global concern. Dr. Chen Cong from EVERFINE Institute of Science has brought a report entitled “Main Uncertainty Contribution Factors Analysis of Glare). Measurement Using ILMD.

EVERFINE Institute of Science Dr. Chen Cong

As an important index for evaluating the quality of lighting, glare has received wide attention from industry and academia. At present, the CIE has established a special technical committee branch TC 2-86, which aims to measure and evaluate the glare index using the imaging brightness measuring device (ILMD). The ILMD can calculate the glare index using the measured brightness distribution, which is an internationally recognized measurement solution of glare. However, the ILMD is in large difference in performance. The report of EVERFINE analyzes the different types of ILMD, including commercial cameras, the key influences of linearity, uniformity and distortion of professional ILMD using standard lenses and fisheye lenses. Furthermore, using the numerical simulation method is used to study the sensitivity of the linearity, uniformity and distortion of ILMD to the measurement uncertainty of uniform glare index (UGR) and threshold increment (TI) in a typical lighting environment, so that appropriate requirements are put forward for these indexes to obtain satisfactory measurement accuracy of glare index.