EVERFINE Test Was Invited to Conduct Photobiosafety Comparison Test with OSRAM German Laboratory


Commissioned by OSRAM Enterprise Management Co.,Ltd., EVERFINE Test and Calibration Technology Co.,Ltd.(EVERFINE Test ) contacted photobiosafety test of LED surface light source with OSRAM German laboratory recently. The test report showed that the results were consistent.

In addition to routine international comparison tests, EVERFINE Test is often commissioned to provide high-precision comparison consulting services for clients.The sample for this comparison was LED surface source light provided by OSRAM ,and the test was carried out according to the international test standard of Application of IEC 62471 for The Assessment of Blue Light Hazard to Light Source and Luminaires (IEC/TR 62778-2012) .The final comparison results showed that the blue light hazard evaluation indicators were 373 W/m2/sr(EVERFINE Test)and 362 W/m2/sr(OSRAM German laboratory).The color temperature values were 3630K(EVERFINE Test)and 3601K(OSRAM German laboratory)respectively.The safety level was RG1 and the results were consistent.

Test Results of EVERFINE

Test Results of OSRAM

In recent years,more and more attention has been paid to the photobiosafety of lighting products .However ,the inconsistency of test results of different institutions often occurs.The main reason is that the measurement results are very sensitive to the measurement accuracy of spectral irradiance and luminance.Therefore, more stringent requirements are put forward for the test equipment and metrology calibration. The equipment used in this comparison test is the OST-500 Optical Radiation Safety Test System produced by EVERFINE,which is calibrated by EVERFINE Test and the value can be tracked back to National Institute of Metrology(NIM) ,China and National Institute of Science and Technology( NIST ).

EVERFINE Test is committed to promoting in-deep corporation between laboratories, providing customers with high-presicion comparison test,equipment calibration and laboratory accreditation advisory services to help them improve their test and calibration capability .