EVERFINE’s Quality Measurement Instruments have become the focus of GILE


From June 9 to 12, 2018, the 23rd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) was held in China Import and Export Fair Complex(Canton Fair Complex),Guangzhou. As the leader of high quality LED & Lighting measurement instrument, EVERFINE joined the grand exhibition again with LGM-200B Lighting Glare Measurement System, BHA-2000 Retinal Blue Light Hazard Analyzer, LFA-3000 Light Flicker Analyzer, GO-R5000 Full-Field Speed Goniophotometer, SRC-2 Spectral Radiance Colorimeter, ATA-500 Auto-temperatureed LED Opto-electronic Analyzer and many other international leading intelligent photometric measurement instruments.

During the exhibition, a continuous stream of visitors came to consult and take business

The position of EVERFINE’s exhibition booth was quite conspicuous ,which was located at the D02 of 1.1 Pavilion next to the passage. As in previous years, the booth had created an international high-end brand image with exquisite design and forward-looking lineup. During the exhibition, the voices that surrounded the booth were vehement, the flow of visitors was continuous,a continuous stream of visitors came to consult and take business. Interestingly, even old customers came to inquire about the products that the company would exhibit at the stage of preparation for the exhibition, and prepared for the further negotiations.

EVERFINE’s booth attracted Chinese and foreign businessmen to consult and negotiate

In the front of EVERFINE’s booth, many admirers gathered in the area of each product which they were interested in, or carefully check the product description, or inquiried in detail about the technical parameters and their applications, or selected the matching lighting measurement instruments according to their needs.
According to incomplete statistics, the average daily visitors of EVERFINE’s booth exceeds 1000. In addition to the old customers who have cooperated for many years, many new customers have also said the visit to EVERFINE’s exhibition booth had given a lot of gains, who not only understand the development trend and technology direction of international high-end LED lighting measurement instruments from EVERFINE’s products, but also find the better solutions for their own quality control and technical update.