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Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

EVERFINE Corporate Culture Core

Precision technology, quality world.

Create greater value for our customers and enable the struggler to achieve greater success.

Master core technologies and lead ecological development.

Business style
Simple and efficient, sunshine specification; when it comes to doing, node records.
To supervise work and positively verify; analyze problems and seek truth from facts.

Business philosophy
Play a variety of resources and achieve the best common interests.
Create a talent team and create brand value.

Management method
Quality Policy: Ensure quality, continuous improvement, and make every customer more satisfied.
Management principles: Individuals give full play, the team works closely, and everyone is responsible.

Employing principle
The talented and talented people, the company's pillars, leading the team; Dehou talented, small-scale training, do its best;
Those who are less talented, help and guide them, and use them appropriately;
The cadres rushed on the line and the veterans were the staff officers.

Rewards and punishments
Timely awards of small results, annual rewards.
Occasional mistakes should be tolerant, and repeat offenders must be severely punished.