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EVERFINE Test and Calibration Technology COLTD HangZhou (Abbreviation: EVERFINE Test) is the sub-company of EVERFINE Corporation. It was formerly known as EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center, established in 2010. In response to the development strategy of the parent company, EVERFINE Test is formally established in 2015. Now, it has become a comprehensive third-party institution, providing service of test, calibration, accreditation consulting, product certification and so on.

EVERFINE Test mainly focuses on the technology research and service provision of testing and calibration in optical, electrical, maganetic fields and so on, It has a professional technical team lead doctors, with a strong technical foundation and rich experience in testing and calibration. EVERFINE Test has established international high-end laboratories, including Photometric Calibration, Electrical Calibration, EMC Test, Lighting Test, Reliability Test and etc.,by using all the equipments designed and produced by EVERFINE corporation. Its calibration and test capacity has been so well recognized abroad that it has been granted by CNAS(LAB CODE:L5831) and NVLAP(LAB CODE:500074-0) certificates, and also recognized by EPA and Lighting Facts. It has gotten good places in comparison tests with international authoritative organizations for many times.

The management system of EVERFINE Test is established strictly in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025, adhering to the quality principles of "scientific method, impartial behavior, accurate results, satisfying service", insisting on an impersonal attitude to measurement results. EVERFINE Test is willing to provide technical support on the improvement of product quality, to fulfill supervision responsibilities for regulating the market order, and to contribute test and calibration force to building a society of good credibility.